On Your turning 21!


With all the perks of crossing two decades and officially entering the adult world, ‘21’ is a gung-ho age! Yet, those who turn 21 do not necessarily feel the same way on their D-day. Some of them actually feel like only yesterday they were in  cradle with a booger in their nosey and suddenly when they woke up today, BAM…21! They say these are the longest years of one’s life; sure, life is a devil racer!

SO, as today my bff turns 21 and I being 2 months senior to her in that matter, here I write her and all you lovely readers 7 of the many things that age ‘21’ brings with it!

(Yep, just two months into it and I have already gathered a few lessons: P)

So yeah,

Here’s to your turning 21, Kiddo!


  1. ‘21’ welcomes you. With a tiara. that reads “ADULT”.

Gone are the days when you can get away with,”Hey! Come on, I am just twenty!” The teen-feels that extend till 20 ruthlessly leave you as soon as ‘21’ embraces you!

  1. We grow up and that is conspicuous in our choices and decisions. Suddenly, News and movie-reviews interest us. Also, concerts and Stand-up acts become our thing!
  2. You start investing in experiences rather than materials. Unless, of course, Gucci announces Big Fat Flat Sale! 😀
  3. You come to accept yourself the way you are without seeking approval over not seeking approval! You become unapologetically you and that is probably the best thing about turning 21. Eventually, your ‘me-time’ becomes a priority, not just a choice!
  4. I am not really sure how beneficial is this change but it happens so that you at least begin to take relationships seriously!
  5. Also, you stop fighting against the inevitable, and accept your mistakes, draw-backs and regrets with grace; or at least you begin in that direction. Comparisons and expectations don’t pop-up so frequently!
  6. This is probably the last hyped-birthday ‘because now on birthdays will look more like some big digits photo-bombing the parties and celebrations defocused in the background! Now on, each number might look like a barometer of how much you have achieved and how much more you have got to! Sadly enough,’ eenie-meenie-weenie’ won’t make random decisions for you. It will feel like you have been left alone in an island, of which, you’ve only heard and read but to which never been before. And that is pretty much exactly what 21 is and extends to be. So, to be precise, Happy- Self Discovery!


P.S. – Happy Birthday. Have a scintillating year ahead! Stay awesome, stay you. 🙂

May we troll more and pull even more pranks than we do! 3:)

Lots of love!! ❤


P.P.S. – 21 or 71, I am going to be there for you. Always, all the way!


7 reasons why it is absolutely amazing to have an elder brother!!

All the Cons of the above declared subject were looked through in the writing of this article; because it’s one of those Don’t-Keep-Calm-Go-Crazy days. So, here’s to my brother’s turning 24!! It’s because of you that we are us and that way, I know how amazing it is to have an elder brother. ( Although, we are a mini WWE channel in ourselves and like to embarrass each other in front of strangers and friends, and that you gift me chocolates only to steal them later; I have no idea what would have I done without you, seriously.)

1) He is your personal connoisseur.
Be it the good old classic movies, or books, or the vintage wine, he makes sure you develop a good taste therein. Thus saving you from being that low-brow philistine!
2) Personal Counselor, Too!
So you need an advice on that guy or want to bitch about her dress or need some serious suggestion, he is always there. Doesn’t matter what time it is, you can always call him up even to crib about something totally unimportant or tell him how u bunked the class by jumping out of the window! In short, when you are all mouth, he is all ears.
3) You have got not one but both the wardrobes.
Darn! Those over-sized tees and hoods! But wow, they are all yours whenever you decide to have them! Featured image 4) He is your ultimate license.
He is the savior when you think all your plans are going to be ruined. He gets all your parties, night-out, travel plans sanctioned for you. No pleading, just cribbing!
5) His fault- He’ll apologise. Your fault- Well, THAT’s his Fault, Again!
And that’s how we get loads of chocolates and treats and a percentage from his pocket-money. Believe me; it’s still all hard-earned because making those innocent faces and making him feel guilty for your deeds is a TASK. And, he knows all of it but chooses to be generous enough and let us keep our own little devil-regime!
6) Both of you spill secrets but only you can Blackmail!
He is your secret box. From the most embarrassing to the most acclaimed episodes, you both share everything, but he being the nice elder brother only fake-threatens you about revealing them while you being a young-little-evil can actually get things done as a payment for keeping his secrets.
7) Le Sauveur! 😉
No matter how many times he calls u adopted, or threatens to disown you, he has your back every-time u are in trouble. Not just that, he also is an all-time model for your experiments. You can use that new psychology trick on him or torture him with your unbaked cake and he would tolerate them happily.

From giving u that perfect kick of confidence just before your D-day to making you immune to those gross jokes, he has done it all with love, care, sarcasm, troll and what-not! From cooking you breakfast to take you shopping (even if he hates it) he gives you the entire princess treatment. Thus, this list could have gone on endlessly.But as a pair of brother-sis siblings we kind of don’t compliment each-other much, right?! But whatsoever, you know he is precious to you and you love the fact that he is yours. Cherish it all the time!!