Chubby cheeks?!

​Chubby cheeks

‘Must be office-fix’;


‘That’s her win!’

Eyes are big;

‘Must work to trick!’

Curly hair?

‘Get them straight!’

Very fair?

‘Then, hell with her flair!’

Rosy lips, teeth within?

‘Can be called for mortal sin!’

Shallow retards, aren’t we?


-Moulika  Danak


Misplacing the Mains

Sometimes it’s only about misplacing your mains; like having some very right expectations from the wrong people. If you figure out it as sun, do not expect it to shine at night.
You know how a marigold can’t grow in a rose plant, right?! And us humans, sometimes we are like those marigolds, never going to appear, in someone’s rose plant!
But what’s saddening yet funny is that some of us wait on the Daffodils, all our life!

Let’s Talk Dark!


We can talk about the sky that looks so much better in a blue hued shade and how beautiful a breaking dawn is! But that I’d know already, without you telling me. So, why not talk about, whether you feel intimidated by those constantly gazing little innumerables in the dark sky, or if you get sick of the lush green areas that gradually become too green a sight for your eyes to take in ?!
Bright side is incandescent; gets noticed someway or the other. Let’s talk dark!


I found him looking at me,
With wide eyes glowing more than his yellow baggy tee,
He looked away but not for long!

Our eyes met again,
He gazed,
I looked away
To let him have his way!

We caught our eyes again and this time,
This time he walked towards me,
The rhythm of his feet tuning to my heartbeat,
With a half hidden smile I breathe a little deeper!
He had sealed my time
The dewdrops were pearls,
Flowers eternal,
All sound was music,
All in-between the essential nothings!

“This!”my soul cried!
Oh yes, It was a beautiful tide!
And so, eyes denied looking away,
‘Coz soul knew I had found my bae!

Not Love, Exactly!

I can’t derive a correct term for the last experience that found my way! It is not a big episode in any sense of the word but somehow it helped me know myself a little better! It was through one odd incident that I discovered that it is not always love, lust or crush that happens. Romance has one more form and very few might have the chance to experience and later, recognize that. I learned how age has nothing to do with it but it is always about compatibility and chemistry between two people that is vital and how quick they get into the comfort zone. Even though, by now I have no ultimate particular word for that experience or feeling that I sensed in between us that day (and the narration of that incident might not give u the perfect impression of the vibes and aura it produced); all I can say is that some stories have just one episode and it should be left there, just that way. And in that in-completion and vagueness lay its beauty and a tinge of mystery which leaves us with a fresh beautiful impact. If taken further, it may end up nowhere or in a mess.